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#54 Embracing Automation in Landscaping

Guest Info

Todd Reinhart is the Owner of Reinhart Landscaping and Snow. He is a serial entrepreneur revolutionizing the landscaping industry with cutting-edge technology and an exceptional team. Tune in to discover his journey and insights on the future of the green industry.

In this episode, Joe and Todd discuss:

  1. Game Changer: Embracing Automation in Landscaping
  2. Winning the Landscaping Game
  3. Elevating Landscaping: Embracing Professionalism
  4. Keeping Yourself Safe For Your Family
  5. Overcoming Stereotypes in the Landscaping Industry
  6. The Power of Networking and Learning 
  7. The Pitfalls of Direct Sales in the Landscaping Industry
  8. How Robotic Lawnmowers Change the Green Industry

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